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I love to give, I love to create beautiful things and I love to support and appreciate people doing great things.


As a new local member in Narrandera, originally a farm girl from Ungarie NSW, I was keen to learn about and support our local community. 



Moving closer to the Murrumbidgee “the heart of many traditions” and learning more about the Riverina “the food bowl of Australia”, I knew the local area was abundant in wholesome foods, local products and timeless culture. 


Narrandera became home quite quickly. My husbands loving family and the people of Narrandera were so welcoming and supportive, the general community spirit was prevalent, particularly of anything locally inspired. 


After meeting my husband Ben, knowing and loving that we both value family more than anything, I happily moved to Narrandera to support him and his family business, to raise our little family and to embrace the slower pace of 

country life again after living in Wagga for over 10 years. 


I was very thankful for landing a teaching position at the local High School immediately, which helped me create positive connections within the Narrandera community. 


My husband’s connections with Narrandera are life long. Aside from spending his childhood here, his family established and have operated Grants Sawmilling Company in Narrandera and Condobolin for over three generations. They produce many unique Cypress Pine timber products, one of which was the inspiration of and the feature in a majority of our hampers, “the humble cheese board”, which we now make ourselves from home. 


Growing up as the 6th generation with my younger brother, parents and Grandparents living on a family farm, in a reasonably isolated area, my brother and I learnt to appreciate people, family values, nature, beauty in the simplest form and wholesome food. 


I understood that all luxuries in life were not always abundant or available at all times. My parents taught me to be thankful for even the smallest things and it was there I learnt to have a grateful heart. 


Many aspects and loves of my childhood on the farm are reflected in our hampers. I take great pride in incorporating local foliage in the packaging and keeping the presentation as close to nature as possible. 


Every part of our business has meaning. “A Walk in the Woods” reminds me of a quaint little story. The name resonated with me as I want to share our story and the story of local people who have built their business, large or small, on the foundations of their interests, skills and passions. Everyone starts somewhere, and often the journey from the beginning to where they are today is absolutely fascinating. 


The talent and skill set in the Riverina is incredible. There are so many local businesses that are creating quality, unique and authentic products. Many of which I am still learning about. I very much enjoy researching and making connections with the people behind these businesses and I take great pleasure in promoting their products through incorporating them in the hampers. 


So here we are…a small, locally inspired business, operating out of our quaint little Cypress Pine influenced studio, situated at our family home in Narrandera. This a very special space that my talented husband kindly renovated for me, trusting that my need for creativity and authenticity would lead to something good. 


With three beautiful children, it was important to be at home more. From what started as “just an idea” has now become a beautiful reality, thanks to the ongoing support of my husband, my family, friends and local businesses in the Riverina. 


My hope is that through our business and our social media presence, we can create awareness and appreciation for the “hidden gems” in our area and encourage others to look for the “hidden gems” in theirs. 


I love showing the goodness that surrounds us. Everywhere has it, it’s a matter of finding it, appreciating, embracing and celebrating it.


Krystin Grant


We founded A Walk in the Woods Hampers by Grants with one goal in mind: giving our customers a fair, rewarding and enjoyable shopping experience. We conduct business according to the same values, knowing that better service equals loyal customers. Our store policies are detailed below, please have a look and contact us if you want to learn more!

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